Astrology is not entertainment


Astrology is not a psychological add-on


Astrology is a tool to make the right decision


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15 February 2019

Emiliano Sala – Yod pattern and death

On the evening of January 21 2019, an Argentine professional football player died in a plane crash off the Alderney (northernmost inhabited Channel island). This…
Mars-in-signs-2019-header-en Transits
22 January 2019

Mars in signs 2019 – Where to put your focus on?

In Astrological theory, Mars symbolises our ambition, drive, focus, desire to change things, physical and mental training, areas where we want to achieve something or…
mundane-astrology-astrologie-mondiale Mundane Astrology
24 December 2018

Exercice in Mundane Astrology – France

Finally! We are approaching the year end and the whole astrological community is well into forecasting the next year. Indeed, the astrological weather is intense,…

The wisdom of the ancient tradition at your fingertips.

Astrology is versatile and exists under many forms: natal, medical, mundane, electional, financial, relationship, vibrational, psychological, Vedic – you name it.

However, starting from the late 80’s and early 90’s, the so-called real astrology started to gain momentum with the publication of the old texts: from 9th to 17th century CE. The basic aim of this neo-traditional movement was to restore Astrology and the wealth of its tools as it was practiced before Modern Theosophical and Jungian Astrology took over in the 20th century CE.

Why? Because this is the Astrology that makes clear, concrete and verifiable statements. Horary astrology, which I practice, is the most common branch of the art in the past centuries. It is based on millennium-old techniques and is elegant, no-nonsense and efficient.

What is horary?

A term loses its power if it tries to encompass too many things.

Dianne Skafte, Ph.D, author of “When Oracles Speak”.



Traditional astrology is also very much capable of extracting valuable insights from your cosmic passport. I offer you a unique method of natal chart analysis that is personal, compact and straight to the point. Not computer generated. Created with love.

Bring it on!

The experience of eternity right here and now is the function of life.

Joseph Campbell, scholar and mythologist


Symbolic thinking.

Tarot is a perfect complementary tool that enhances the practitioner's appreciation of symbolism and improves the quality of astrological readings. At the same time, Tarot is a wonderful system of its own that can bring unique insights into your concerns.

Let's begin!

The word “consider” derives from Latin “considerare” – “to observe”, “to think about”, which in turn is combined of “con” –
“with” and “sidus” – “heavenly body”.

We are thinking together with the stars.

  • I believe that Astrology is much more than a sun-sign column in a feminine magazine.
  • I believe that Astrology is not a marketing tool to increase your audience.

From its origins in Ancient Mesopotamia 4000 years ago, Astrology has been a tool to understand the nature and to foretell the future based on the interpretation of celestial phenomena.

My aspiration is to bring its practical wisdom to the present day and help you make the right decision.

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