On the evening of January 21 2019, an Argentine professional football player died in a plane crash off the Alderney (northernmost inhabited Channel island). This event solicited deep emotional response from the fans all over the world. When confronted with such a tragic death, people and especially family members often ask “Why”? Was it a mistake? A terrible sequence of coincidences? Or is there a higher purpose, order in the heavens that allowed this event to take place? Some key to the puzzle may lie in a very specific configuration in the natal chart of Emiliano – the Yod.

First of all, what is a Yod in Astrology?

Also known as the finger of God or fate, Yod is a Y-shaped astrological aspect pattern that involves any three planets or points in the horoscope that form an isosceles triangle (meaning two sides of it are equal). The two planets are sextile (60° aspect) to each other, and both are then quincunx (150° aspect) to a third. This third planet doesn’t “see” the other two planets, which means that it shares neither gender (masculine or feminine signs), element (fire, earth, air, water) or modality (cardinal, fixed, mutable) with the other two, which makes this pattern inharmonious and potentially destructive.

Now let’s look at the natal chart (cast for solar noon) of Emiliano Sala (figure 1).

We notice the Yod-pattern formed by Mercury in Scorpio, Neptune in Capricorn with the focal planet (malefic in traditional astrology) Mars, in retrogradation in Gemini. To better understand this configuration, we can use a simple technique of key words, associated with each planet.

  • Mercury – mind, imagination, words, communication, transport, travel, air, communication, technology.
  • Neptune – imagination, fame, TV, public persona, ocean, water, deception, malfunction, forces beyond one’s control.
  • Mercury is in deep watery Scorpio, while Neptune is in a cold & dry Capricorn.
  • Mars retrograde– fight, fire, quick, action, energy, desire, anger, stuck, not moving.
  • Mars takes on an important role as it’s a malefic and a focal point of the Yod. Mars is in Gemini, which means that he is in mutual reception with Mercury by sign – issues related to transport, water, air, communication, malfunction.

The footballer found his death in the depths of water, and we can not but link this to the second Yod that the footballer has in his chart, with Neptune as the focal point and archetypal representative of the Ocean. Along with Mars, Jupiter is part of the picture, which adds an international dimension and a strong impact of Emiliano on the collective.

Let’s take a look at the transits on the day and moment of the plane had gone off the radar (figure 2).

What immediately stands out is the multitude of planets around 13-15 degrees of the tropical zodiac, and unfortunately both traditional malefics (Saturn and Mars) are involved.

  • First of all, Mars is sextile natal Mars, square Neptune, and quincunx Mercury.
  • Saturn, the planet of death, is conjunct Neptune, sextile Mercury and quincunx Mars and Jupiter.
  • Neptune is square Mars, sextile itself and trine Mercury.
  • The Moon is in applying conjunction to Jupiter, sextile natal Mars, square Mercury and quincunx Neptune.

Moon, Mars, Saturn and Neptune are all involved in both Yods of the player.

From a mundane perspective, it was the day of Mars-Saturn square perfection (it occurs only once or more rarely twice a year). Mercury was conjunct the South Node, noted to have a Saturnian influence.

If we look at what was happening in the sky the moment the plane had gone off the radar near the Alderney island, we see that Neptune was setting, several degrees from the Descendant, which makes this planet angular and heralds the tragic event related to deep water for Emiliano (figure 3, 4).

Emiliano had signed a lucrative contract on January 19 with Venus in a trine to his natal Jupiter. Unfortunately, Venus was involved in the Yod at the same time (on the midpoint between Mercury and Neptune) opposing Mars, which was a bad omen regarding this deal. His trip to his new club was the reason of his death 2 days later.

Does the chart live on after the native’s death?

The body of Emiliano Sala was recovered on February 6thand officially identified on February 7th, with the Moon transiting the tropical watery Pisces, trine Emiliano’s Sun/Venus, conjunct transiting Neptune (ocean) and activating again both of the fateful Yod patterns of the footballer.

Fate and Free will

Could this tragic death be avoided had Emiliano had access to the information contained in his natal chart? Could he have waited for a couple of days until Mars left the 14˚ and stopped forming a natal Mars/Mercury Yod? At what point does one become aware of one’s path and co-creates it? All these questions remain unanswered…

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Catherine Sinclair is a professional astrologer and tarot reader, based in the sunny city of Lyon, France. Catherine worked previously as a Business Analyst in pharmaceutical and insurance companies, but Saturn return completely changed her career. Catherine offers consultations in natal, predictive, horary and electional astrology. She is a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, International Society for Astrological Research (USA) and Astrological Club of Lyon.

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