It’s good to start with the basics. And what is more basic to Astrology than casting your own chart for the first time? I took a walk around the Astro-Internet and here’s what I found, my friends. My choice is based on several criteria: the atlas database, visual appeal and simplicity as well as basic delineations provided.

The dates are set for Jan 1 2000, in Paris.

The almighty, Swiss, been around for more than 20 years.

Free, wide selection of types of charts (from Natal to Tertiary progressions), zodiacs (tropical, sidereal or draconic), houses (from Equal to Placidus). Comprehensive Atlas. Available in 11 languages.

Under the Free Horoscopes menu, you’ll find Drawing & Calculations submenu, then go straight to Extended chart selection and there you have it! After erecting your chart, you can check out the Personal portrait and/or interactive AstroClick portrait in the same Free Horoscopes menu.

The less but still mighty or, since 2002, leading Astrology website on the Francophone Internet.

Free, three house systems (Placidus, Equal and Koch), comprehensive Atlas, 2 zodiacs (tropical and sidereal), basic delineations available. In the left column, under Astrology & Personality, choose Horoscope and Ascendant, then enter your data.

Individualistic, great website with lots of free resources, ran by Annie Heese since 2002.

Free, comprehensive atlas, interpretations written by the owner of the site, Annie. Placidus is the default house system but in natal chart report there is a table comparing 12 house systems. No choice of zodiac.

In the site menu, go to Free reports & Calculations, then choose Free natal chart report or Free Astrology reports and enter the data. The two offers are similar, but the first one compares houses and the second one also includes compatibility, transits and daily reports.

Another original website called, which is run by a man named Petr Soural. While the main purpose of this website is to find astrological twins in its database, it provides astrological calculations and interpretations.

Free, comprehensive list of possible chart calculations (natal, progressed, solar returns, synastry, etc), tropical and sidereal zodiac, 15 house systems, traditional view of the chart (12th part, antiscia and contra-antiscia, prenatal syzygy), basic interpretation including parallels and contra-parallels of declination.

In Free horoscopes menu, go to Birth chart online calculator, then enter your data.

Here are the snapshots of the wheels: Astro, Astrotheme, CafeAstrology and Astro-seek.


Special mention goes to (the chart generator is identical to Café Astrology but also includes Whole sign houses, as well as a decent library of articles on different natal placements).

For my Spanish-speaking friends out there, there is a nice resource which has a variety of options to calculate your chart. Just choose Calcular Carta Natal and insert the data. The site is a bit slow to download, however.

And the last one is, which is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian. Placidus is the default system with basic chart delineation in 3 languages.

By the way, I tried the rectification option – it was off by 1h48mins!

All in all, it will give you the first glimpse of your “inner sky”.


During the Renaissance (15-17 cc CE), Astrologers weren’t always inspired by the round shape of the wheel, so they used a diamond-shaped one (some Astrologers use it today as well).

Here’s an example of a Renaissance Astrologer William Lilly’s chart on “Where is my fish?” as well as its modern rendering.

chart-theme-astral-3 chart-theme-astral-2


How about the nuts and bolts of casting your chart by hand? Stay tuned for a future post on that!

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Catherine Sinclair is a professional astrologer and tarot reader, based in the sunny city of Lyon, France. Catherine worked previously as a Business Analyst in pharmaceutical and insurance companies, but Saturn return completely changed her career. Catherine offers consultations in natal, predictive, horary and electional astrology. She is a member of the Astrological Association of Great Britain, International Society for Astrological Research (USA) and Astrological Club of Lyon.

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