Hi !

I’m Catherine, the CEO of Catherine Sinclair Astrology (well that sounds serious already!). I’ve recently entered my 30s and would love to share with you my story…


From Corporate Analyst

to Astrology & Tarot practitioner

When I turned 21 I thought I knew what I wanted and how to get there. I wanted an international career, a well-paid corporate job and recognition. I have got my Master’s degree in International Management and specialised in Finance and Economics.

Obviously, all this knowledge earned me great internship and a perfect first job at one of the biggest German pharmaceutical companies. The place of action was France, near Geneva.

After a couple of years I decided that I wanted more. I wanted a special contract. I wanted to go overseas. So I took an MIT course on data analysis and (I expected just that) I got my French International Contract. I went straight to the heart of the financial empire called London.


Major life changes

Saturn return – I discover Horary Astrology.

Neptune hits my Sun – I discover Tarot.

I start to remember what my genuine interest has always been: divination and contact with something bigger than me. Welcome to the realm of Pisces.

Pisces stellium

At your service!

Meet a Sun, Moon (Asc-ruler), Mercury and Jupiter in Pisces in the whole sign 9th house. Oh, did I mention that I have Pisces MC as well? I also have a very inquisitive and active mind, because my Mercury is sextile Mars and Neptune as well as trine Pluto.

I agree that Pisces are pretty much misunderstood. I couldn’t put my finger on Pisces nature until my Saturn return. Essentially, Pisces is about serving people by offering them the gift of the divine – the reassurance that there is a Plan and that we’re part of it.

Working my way through so much water took me some time, but the process was especially dramatic when I found myself at the heart of the City of London. It was just too dry for me (figuratively speaking). I needed the Soul to my structured life. I needed to escape to find my way.


I quit my job.


Instead, I took a Horary Astrology Course at the School of Traditional Astrology in the UK. This decision was reinforced by the fact that I had been doing astrology for more than 10 years as a pastime.

Practice & Community

I did hundreds of charts and the more I did it, the more I liked it. Actually, I was doing the same thing – evaluating risks and predicting future – but instead of linear and logistic regressions at my day job, I used astrological symbolism and rules! I bought books and started to educate myself as well as connect to like-minded people and Astrological community all around the world.

If someone asked me what my religion was, I would answer: Astrology.

Alexander Volguine, renowned French astrologer of the XX century

With a fresh understanding of my life purpose I needed to find practical ways of serving people. That is why I created my own company and this website.

As Brigit Esselmont at Biddy Tarot says, Intuition and business make a mighty team! But really, it’s very simple…

I just want to do Astrology, drink cacao and travel.


To serve

My mission is to serve you by analysing your celestial strengths and weaknesses, by giving you informational advantage over the circumstances, and ultimately, by showing you that you’re a part of the Bigger Plan.

Thank you for coming and I’m happy to be part of your life’s wonderful journey, despite some periodic dramas!

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