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Finally! We are approaching the year end and the whole astrological community is well into forecasting the next year. Indeed, the astrological weather is intense, with Jupiter in Sagittarius, Uranus in Taurus and the Nodes on the cardinal Cancer-Capricorn axis. But before jumping into the future, there are several things to be said about an interesting sequence of celestial combinations starting from the Halloween (ouch!) and its correlation with the fiery, almost revolutionary, manifestations of the France’s “yellow jackets” (they are having their 5th meeting all over the country at the moment I’m writing!).

A powerful combination called a Grand Cross was an annoying guest in the sky recently. The Grand Cross is a pattern that involves 4 points, situated at the distance of 90˚ from one another. What makes it even more annoying is that it involved the Lunar Nodes (a point in the sky at the intersection of Ecliptic plane and the Lunar orbit), at the critical 0˚-29˚ of the signs. Oh, it’s not the whole story! Uranus was part of this nice pattern, bringing all sorts of extremes, especially on the political scene.

Another intense configuration was a T-Square, which is half the Grand Cross, putting more tension on the so-called apex planet (at the top of the configuration).

All times are in Tropical Zodiac, Regiomontanus house system

  • 31 October (Figure 1)– During that day, Moon was conjunct the North Node at 0˚ Leo, square retrograde Venus in detriment in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus. Great fixed(which is one of the three modalities of the signs, along with mutable and cardinal) cross! Venus, not particularly happy in Scorpio, in opposition to Uranus, may indicate some nasty destruction of the luxury stores, as well as a general unwillingness to negotiate and compromise.
  • 6 November (Figure 2)– The repeating of the Grand fixed cross, but this time with the Moon at 0˚ Scorpio in opposition to Uranus and squaring the Nodes. NB! Within 12 hours the Nodes change signs WITH Uranus, so that the energy of the square shifts to the cardinal (enterprising) axis, which only heats up the tension.
  • 15 November (Figure 3)– a cardinal T-Square involving Uranus and the Nodes again, but this time Mars is in sextile to Uranus too at the 29˚ of Aquarius (the people and equality), inconjunctthe North Node (at 150˚, which is considered to be an aspect indicating “blind spots”, frustration and hypervigilance). All this mess is reinforced by the Moon in Aquarius, in applying trine to stationing Venus (which was and will be again part of the Grand Cross with Uranus) and further translating light from Uranus to Mars at 0˚ Pisces.
  • Another significant event is Venus turning direct together with Mercury turning retrograde (within 24 hours!). Retrograde planets tend to behave in an unexpected manner, which obviously doesn’t help! Mercury being in Sagittarius, we could expect changes and far-reaching actions in law, education, civil rights, and foreign trade.
  • 1 December (Figure 4)– Partile (which is a fancy word from traditional astrology meaning exact to a degree) opposition of Venus with Uranus, in square (1˚ orb) to the …Nodes again! We could expect a climax of this celestial conversation, started on October 31!

“All right,” – you would say – “but this chart is valid for the whole planet, what does it have to do with the recent violent manifestations of “yellow jackets” in France?”

Well, for that you need to look at the following charts: French 1st Republic and France’s Autumn Ingress (Figures 5 and 6, respectively).

The First Republic chart is actually an autumn ingress as well, because the decision to put “Year 1 of the Republic” on legislative acts was taken on 22 September 1792.

The France’s 2018 Aries ingress had Virgo, mutable sign, on the Ascendant. According to the general rule in Mundane Astrology, the chart is valid for half a year in this case and we need to look at Libra ingress for the second half of the year.

The movement started as an opposition (!) to the fuel tax rise on October 21, but ended up as a general ultimatum for better living conditions; purchasing power and minimum wage increase; bringing back the tax on wealth. The maximum participants were registered on November 17, and the “chaos” culminated on December 1, with further manifestations on December 8 and 14.

Now look carefully at the angles of the both charts. Do you see repetition? The Ascendant-Descendant of the 1st Republic chart is the Midheaven-IC (bottom of the sky) of the Autumn 2018 Ingress. Conversely, the ASC-DC of the 2018 Autumn Ingress is the MC-IC of the 1st Republic chart. This is the first indication that the coming six months are going to be important for France. But this is not enough, so let’s look at the previous eclipse. Where did it fall? At 18˚ Leo – which represents the angles of the both charts – Ascendant and Midheaven. Now this is a strong indication that what we previously saw in the heavens (Grand Cross and T-Square) will be relevant for France.

What about Uranus? The God of Change is in the X house opposing Pluto in the IV in the 1st Republic chart. The 1789 Revolution and the resulting chart very much fit the archetypal complex, as Richard Tarnas would say, of Uranus-Pluto. As for the Ingress chart, Uranus is pretty close to the Midheaven, opposing Venus in the IV. What does it mean from a Mundane perspective?

  • The X house is the President, the current Government, monarchy, the credit and reputation of the country, national trade.
  • The IV house is the opposition (general opposing forces and in parliament), resources of the country (coming from Earth), the people, democracy, lower class, workers, but also buildings.

As it turned out, French government (and its President) were deeply shaken and shocked by the events, which got almost out of control on December 1(even the heart of Paris, the Arch of Triumph was vandalized). As a result, the Government had to make concessions: fuel tax rise withdrawal, minimum wage rise, year-end bonuses, and several other financial measures. Speaking of which, the Sun, Ascendant ruler, is conjunct Mercury, ruler of the 2nd, on the cusp of the 3rd house in the Ingress chart. Needless to say, that the transport system and tourism economy were literally paralyzed as a result of this “yellow jackets” mayhem! An applying trine to Mars in conjunction to the South Node in Aquarius added spice too.

  • The II house is the financial resources of the country, economy, banks, markets.
  • The III house is social media, local communications, transport, press, primary education, and neighboring countries.

The focus was and still is on the financial security, expenses, budgeting of the country. We can reasonably predict that the tension will remain until Uranus’ ingress in Taurus on March 6 2019, but we can take a look at the Winter 2018 Ingress for insight (Figure 7).

  • Uranus shifts to the 8th succedent house, which definitely alleviates the situation. However, Mercury, the Ascendant and 10th house ruler, is conjunct Jupiter, ruler of the 7th house, on the cusp of the 4th house – together with the Moon in the 10th, it seems like all eyes of the government are on the people and their demands. It may also be concerned with the national real estate heritage, raw commodities, land workers and agriculture. Questions of revisiting democracy will inevitably arise. Mercury / Jupiter are on the Antares, the Royal Persian star at the heart of Scorpion, which has a Mars / Jupiter influence. This could bring further strong tension involving the law enforcement, the government and the people.
  • The Moon is square Mars in the 7th, so foreign affairs are also in the picture, especially after the signing of the Marrakesh pact on immigration. Moon rules the 11thof allies and Parliament, so it may be related to problems regarding ratification of foreign agreements with long-time allies. It’s interesting to note that Mercury / Jupiter are square Neptune in the 7thas well, and this is another indication that problems may be related to international trade and agreements (I am also thinking about the UK’s back and forths between its Parliament and Brussels). Overall, the focus is on people, country’s resources and the foreign policy.

Strasbourg attack

Another tragic event happened on December 11 in Strasbourg in France – a terrorist attack by a young religious fanatic, who killed 5 people and injured at least 10. Here’s the chart for the start of the attack. (Figure 8, Strasbourg, 19h50, GMT +1, Regiomontanus)

The Ascendant has just passed the critical 29˚ of cardinal Cancer, and shifted to early Leo. Here we have the Angles going through the same critical points of the Fixed and the Cardinal Cross of October-December. Uranus is in the X house and Aries is on the Midheaven. Mercury at 29˚ Scorpio (mental obsession, violence and fanaticism), Moon in Aquarius (killing as many people as possible).


In Mundane Astrology, it’s not enough to analyze just one chart. Astrology is very complex and every chart has the potential to correlate with another and add something to the overall story we are looking for. We have looked at 8 charts in our exercise, including 4 charts related to a particular country and added one eclipse.

The 4th harmonic aspects (90˚) make history, and Grand Crosses / T-Squares are a concentration of these aspects. Changes, often the hard way, are announced by these configurations, together with eclipses (the most ancient predictive technique).

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