Have you ever wondered in a forest and the trees seemed alive and speaking to you? The water springs followed their joyful path and the birds guided you to a valley? How many times did you hear the words of wisdom from a stranger, which were destined to your ears only? Or maybe you had a prophetic dream?

Dianne Skafte, Ph.D. in psychology, in her book “When Oracles Speak”, takes a much closer look at the thousands of years of cross-cultural history of divination and relationship of ancient cultures to the divine. The current Mercury retrograde season in Pisces and the New Moon in the same sign, constitute a great soil to plant our seeds of sensitivity to the communications with the Other Worlds for guidance, advice and eternal presence.


Anima Mundi – the ensouled world and dog telepathy story

Ancient people lived in a world brimming with consciousness. The world fully alive, present and gazing back at us instead of being seen as a collection of objects, the “its”. Even Biblical accounts mention donkeys carrying out conversations with their human companions or Ojibwa Indian legend that says that butterflies taught the first babies to walk.

Has The Mother Nature, the Gaia,the living Earth Matrix, from which we all came suddenly become mute since the industrial revolution?

Luckily, there are still people living in close alliance with all creation and great examples of people from Western civilisation who bridge this gap. One of them is Allen Boone who wrote a volume called “Kinship with All Life” back in 1954. He was a screenwriter for Hollywood movies and was asked to take care of a famous film dog, German shepherd Strongheart.

One day Boone was sitting at his typewriter pounding out prose and then he suddenly decided that he wanted to go for a drive with the dog (his body showed no outward sign!). At that instant, Strongheart raced into the room from nowhere, dashed into the closet and brought Boone the old sweater he always wore outside. How cool is that? This whole story intrigued Boone and he decided to become the dog’s pupil rather than his master.

One evening they went on an outing to one of their favourite spots on the hills. Boone asked the dog all kinds of intimate questions, like how life had been like in Germany, whether he had puppies, and others. While in a relaxed and pleasant state of drifting, Boone saw the dog turn around and stare at him. The eyes were like X rays. After a time, Strongheart turned away and then, easily, without effort, Boone knew the answers to every one of his questions. He was able to verify many of them later by checking into the dog’s history.

This example, as well as many others, vividly shows us that we may enhance our consciousness and connect deeper to the living creatures around us, by using the innate extrasensory perception. Astrologically, Allen has Mercury in Pisces sextile Saturn in Taurus – he wrote several books about this “silent language” that can be learned…

Oracle of Delphi – regaining our own oracular birth right

The priestess, enthroned on a three-legged platform, eyes closed in a state of trance, is a strong evocative image in our psyche. Even if her last words were uttered more than 1500 years ago, we still wonder what spiritual power she possessed. Maybe the Priestess reminds of our own ability to commune with numinous forces and enter in a state of “oracular knowing”?


According to Roman historians of 1 century B.C.E., the area where the shrine was built was a track of wilderness. A goat herder wandered into the area and stumbled upon the fissure in the earth from which vapours were rising. After having peered into the swirling mist, the man became consumed in an exalted feeling of inspiration, danced and sang joyful songs of praise for all of creation. After having been brought to the village, the goat herder became an oracle-speaker. He told people what their problem was before they even spoke or listened patiently while they asked for his advice.

Soon the news of these vapours from the Earth spread far and wide and attracted pilgrims. People mingled with the breath of Earth (the vapour could be symbolic of an image of the soul) and gained sublime knowledge. Everyone was speaking oracles and seeing into mysteries. The village leaders saw danger to these practices, roped off the area and posted guards around it. This measure became unpopular and finally a woman with “fine character” was designated to enter into trance and deliver oracles once a year. Over time elaborate structures were built and the institution of Delphi became renowned throughout the land (around 500-450 B.C.).

Interestingly, this legend implies that divinely inspired vision is available to every human being. It’s not the privilege of few gifted individuals or the priestly class. It’s universal.

Throughout the history of the Western culture, the “irrational” states of consciousness were condemned because they operated outside of rational thought, and this was considered as a threat to the society itself. But we still long for this lost sanctuary, this “something”, this place where the Earth breathes up to us. We think of people that can consciously draw to the source of divine presence as “psychics”, but have we tried ourselves to develop our innate sensitivity? We may encounter many surprises…

Extrasensory perception and modernity

Among many talented practitioners in France, there is one interesting and well-known woman, who has been practicing precognition (seeing present and future events without additional information) and clairvoyance (seeing hidden objects), under the pseudonym of Maud Kristen, for over 30 years already.


What makes her story interesting is that she appeared on many TV and radio shows, where she was openly challenged to demonstrate her abilities. And she did, with a fair amount of success. She also participated in various scientific experiments in US and UK, and is regularly invited to conferences and Universities to talk about divination, ESP and metaphysics. She exudes a certain calmness, confidence and respect for herself and the art she’s practicing. Moreover, she was courageous enough to pursue her path in a strongly rational French society, assuming an ambiguous role (or which is just perceived as that) of a “medium-counsellor”.

She openly states that everyone has innate psychic abilities and that we just don’t use them. Astrologically, she has Saturn conjunct the fixed royal star Fomalhaut in tropical Pisces, and both are strongly associated with extrasensory perception. Saturn in Pisces on this fixed star is a very helpful combination to manifestprecognition and clairvoyance as a career choice!

Exercise now

Dianne has a set of great exercises designed to sharpen and deepen our perception. One of them uses the power of beauty around us. Go to the produce section of the grocery store and look at the fruits and vegetables. See them as beautiful works of art on display. Let yourself be drawn to a particular fruit or vegetable. Pick up the work of art and buy it. Once at home, spend 10 minutes pouring your attention into the item you selected. Study it close and from a distance. With reverence, cut open the fruit or vegetable and gaze at the mysteries of its interior chamber. If it is edible, take a piece of it into your mouth as you would a ritual offering. Thank this creation for being with you. Words may come you, such as,” Extraordinary plant-being, I never knew your full beauty until this moment. Thank you for existing, and for giving yourself to me this day.”

Aesthetic pleasure is intimately linked with oracular perception. By devoting some of your time to this exercise, you create a space of sacredness in your daily life and open up to the mysteries and miracles of nature. The Divine Presence reveals itself through embodiment of the beautiful.

Temples rise and fall but oracular consciousness remains


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