There is a lot of approaches in Astrology and subsequently a lot of disagreements between Astrologers as to what system works better or if it works at all, but there is at least ONE THING that no Astrologer would argue about:


  • The aspects are the gist of your chart.

  • Without the action of aspects, nothing happens.

  • Together with the angles, they form a unique signature of the moment you were born in.

The Idea

Drawing on my past as a corporate Business Analyst, I decided to create Astro-SWOT – succinct yet to-the-point analysis of your personality in the light of strategic thinking.


I interpret the patterns formed by the aspects and take into account the sect of your chart (day or night chart) as well as traditional astrology’s dignity and debility scheme.

What You Get

You get an executive resume of what it is your “forte”, your “soft spots” and how it can manifest in your life as opportunities or challenges.

Human vs Machine

You can get numerous robotic, computer-generated and especially isolated meanings of what each aspect means in your chart (I did that too!), but the computer is not an expert (not yet!), and currently is not able to “put it all together”.



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Exact birth data (date, time and location) is necessary.

The price for 1 Astro-SWOT is 30€.


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