Horary is often called the Judgement of Interrogations. To put it another way, it’s the art of answering your burning questions using the chart of the moment and a set of astrological rules.

You’re not alone in your desire to have a glimpse into the future, as the underlying principles of Horary are as old as 2400 years, originating in the period between the life of Pythagoras (580 – 495 BC) and 409 BC (the first known horoscope drawn).

If we used a timeline of the development of Horary astrology, it would look like this:



Almost everything written about horary after the 17th century was essentially derived from the English Astrologer William Lilly’s 1647 masterpiece Christian Astrology.

Middle Ages

Lilly derived much of his system from Guido Bonatti, a 13th century Italian astronomer and astrologer (these two roles were inseparable in those times).

Persian influence

Guido learned Horary technique from Latin translations of Abou Ma’shar, an 8th-9th century Persian Muslim astrologer, thought to be the greatest astrologer of the Abbasid court in Baghdad.

Early Greek tradition

It should be noted that Persians greatly refined Horary astrology, but they learned the basics from Arabic translations of Greek texts such as Ptolemy and Dorotheus of Sidon (1st – 2nd CE).

Babylon and Egypt

The Greeks synthesised the astrological wisdom of Babylonians and Egyptians in Alexandria (the most prosperous city in Hellenistic Egypt).

Middle East

The Middle East, notably, Mesopotamia, is where the roots of Astrology lie. And here we find the oldest horoscope of 409 BC.

Fashions change in Astrology: what was once called fatalistic and event-oriented is now practical and realistic.

Carol Wiggers, QHP (Qualified Horary Practitioner)

Why Horary?

Horary offers a disciplined insight into the state of sky (and your state of affairs respectively), because it uses a fair amount of considerations, techniques and rules to arrive at the answer.
There are 4 pillars of Horary, which lead to successful interpretations and results.


It’s a well-ordered traditional form of Astrology with a strong craft framework and a well-defined possibility of application.


Horary focuses on your pressing concerns and offers concrete symbolism attached to real-world practicalities of a situation.

Symbolic rigour

The Horary is based on logical interpretation of the symbols in a chart. No ambiguity.


Horary astrology aims to help you make the best decisions possible, by providing an informational edge.


Fate and Free Will

There are practitioners in modern Horary Astrology Schools that assume everything is fated and this is why we can actually predict the future. In my practice and personal experience, I have come to believe that Horary astrology is not a black-and-white “forecast” that gives out robotic “Yes/No” answers.

Horary provides a context, a stage for all our actions and it’s up to us to play out the symbolism indicated in the chart. Of course, you will be presented with the circumstances as shown in the chart BUT from the moment you’re informed, you can consciously work with your future.

Horary is here to guide you in decision-making process while giving an exact picture of the situation you are in.

Geoffrey Cornelius, UK-based, widely-known Astrologer



We all have questions, but not all questions are as equally important. Serious interest is one of the KPIs (key performance indicator, as people say in the corporate world) of a successful horary consultation.

Thus, the first and foremost condition is that you, the reader, the inquirer, must crave the answer. You must have spent some time reflecting upon it as well but the sense of urgency must be present. Only in this case will the chart produce clear symbolism and give a lucid answer. The chart is drawn at the moment I fully understand the question and by doing this, become part of it.

The more specific the question, the better!

If the question is about an event, that it’s better to do the chart of this particular timed event (marriage, job interview), rather than ask a Horary. For that, you can provide me with the time, date and location of the event.

When asking the question, I encourage you to have a certain timeframe in mind. You can define it in hours, days, months or years.

Types of questions?

Questions that start with: Will, When, Where, Should, Whether are candidates for horary.
You can also ask questions on behalf of someone, who is in direct personal connection with you (Will my son win the competition?)

I regroup Horary questions into 5 main categories:

Career / Education

Will I get the job? Should I change for another job? Will they fire me? Will I go abroad to study? Will they accept my application?


What property is better? Is it worth the investment? Will we close on a deal? Will I sell the house? Will I move abroad / relocate?


Is it a profitable deal? Will they increase my salary? Should I invest in this joint venture?

Love & Relationships, including legal

Will we marry? How will this relationship develop? Is my partner faithful? Will I win the trial?

Missing persons, pets and objects

Was my wallet stolen? Where are my keys? Where is my cat and will it come back?

I don’t do medical diagnosis nor life/death questions, however I accept the questions like “Is the illness serious?”.
I answer questions only once.
I encourage you not to ask several Astrologers the same question (often because you don’t like the answer). In this case it’s best to ask for a second opinion on the same chart.

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