There is a lot of approaches in Astrology and subsequently a lot of disagreements between Astrologers as to what system works better or if it works at all, but there is at least ONE THING that no Astrologer would argue about:


  • The aspects are the gist of your chart.

  • Without the action of aspects, nothing happens.

  • Together with the angles, they form a unique signature of the moment you were born in.

Using traditional and modern techniques, I will dive into the depths of your Cosmic Passport or one can say, your Soul Imprint. During our session we will talk about fundamental signatures of your chart as well as your specific areas of interest.

  • What is your potential?
  • How to work around your weak spots?
  • What type of career suits your best?
  • How to work with relationships you tend to attract and form?
  • Many others…

After the consultation, you will have a better knowledge of yourself, your potential and possibilities. You will definitely have a lot of food for thought!

You will also receive a copy of your natal chart that you can refer to any time!

Purchase the service below and get ready for some magic!

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