Small details create

the big picture

If you love contemplating Visual Arts and follow the free association of thoughts, emotions and memories that arise in your mind, then you’re on your way to understanding the power of Tarot. The right hemisphere of your brain takes the lead and your intuition flourishes. You start to “feel” the image and think in metaphors.

Tarot is a form of divination, among many other forms.

It is a tool for oracular guidance.

Reading Tarot is entering the omnipresent information field, which contains the past, present and the future possibilities. You can call this field the underworld, the otherworld, the subconscious, your Higher self or even God, but the participation of something beyond the personal self must be assumed.


There are two types of questions: choice-based and fate-based. In order to get the most of your reading, I recommend you become a journalist for a short period of time and ask the 5W1H questions:

What, Where, When, Who, Why, How, rather than Will and Should.

By asking the first group of questions, you simply get more information, which is what you’re looking for, right?


Your questions should be centred on you and your circumstances, which doesn’t exclude other people. However, I will not do a reading based exclusively on the other person unless I have their permission.

I provide my clients with additional information about themselves and the situations they encounter in order to help them make a better decision.

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